Pulseaudio and Kmix 4.4 in Sabayon 5

Recently there have been a number of issues reported in the forums and other places of people having issues with pulseaudio and KMix after updating to KDE 4.4.0.  I am glad to announce that most of those issues should now be resolved with the latest round of updates being pushed out by hard-working entropy maintainer Joost! Woot!

I identified the root of most of the problems which  seemed to be that we were shipping a quite broken pulseaudio configuration based on hard-wiring an ALSA module but also using the out dated HAL detection module, this has now been corrected to using the shiny new udev detection module by default. Other improvements to the new setup are up mixing by default to 5.1 and LFE remixing.

I have also bumped the pulseaudio patch for KMix so that is working nicely also, with multiple stream control working, global hotkey support fixed and should fix most pulse + kde issues.

As usual a “equo update && equo upgrade  –ask” will grab you the latest updates. If you have any issues please please please report a bug with logs on the Bugzilla.