Sysinfo Kioslave on Sabayon 5

The sysinfo:/ kioslave (aka “My Computer”) in konqueror is one of my favourite KDE3.5 features, I saw that SuSE and Fedora had this working so decided to “port” it over to sabayon, so after a few hours of playing around (my term for Sabayon work lol) there is one more thing off my list, w00t.  Got that sorted yesterday, after a little patch to get it to compile and some custom artwork the result is shown at the bottom of this page:

Got a list of more stuff to-do however, =D.

If you are wondering about the network status, it picks it up from network manager, I use wicd, so thats not showing up. Its on the overlay now so if you want to try it, or if joost_op is awake you could use equo, this will be added to branch 5 only.

equo install kio-sysinfo


emerge  -av kio-sysinfo

On an unrelated note if anyone has an ATI (r600+) which they would like to donate, that would be great. I'm a Nvidia user personally but have been wanting to test ATi stuff.