Holiday & Sabayon 5 KDE 4.3

Im back! woot. After a week of holiday its good to get involved again with some Sabayon stuff. Holiday was nice got to see the Folks and have a bit of a computer detox! Im surprised I survived so long with no linuxiness to be honest.

So I come back and the branch 5 situation has changed a bit, (which 100+ testers/devel mailing list messages attest too) the 5.0 Beta1 iso has been pushed out to the testers and then lxnay decides its a good time for a holiday (good timing perhaps?). There seems to be the usual mixed issues with the first ISO spin, most issues now seem to be handled by improved entropy and migration scripts, branch 5 is shaping up nicely.

Ive switched to KDE4.3 from Gnome, So expect to see a much more polished and enhanced KDE (as you did with gnome when I switched to that) in the next release, things on KDE todo list are:

  1. New QT theme (10% Done)
  2. Getting sysinfo:// working (100% Done)
  3. Getting sysinfo:// customised (15% Done)
  4. Kicker Customisation (SL Logos etc)
  5. Skel Cleanup
  6. Sabayon XDG Menus Improve KDE Compat
  7. Etc etc…

Feel free to add anything you want done to KDE in the comments and Ill incorporate them if appropriate.

Next post has 5.0_beta2 theme previews!