SSHFS is Awesome

Now sometimes you find a bit of Linux goodness that makes your geeky bits tingle, I found one recently, its called SSHFS, and its part of the awesome fuse framework. As you may have guessed it allows you to mount a file system through a SSH connection, this means it can be read from and saved to as any other part of your local file-system!

This leads to some cool possibilities, mounting a remote server over a secure connection for easy file uploads and downloads, the ability to run local scripts on remote files (WIN) and more.

Its ultra easy to use:

emerge -av1 sys-fs/sshfs-fuse


equo install sshfs-fuse


sshfs username@server:/path/to/mountpoint

I have it set up to run when I login and I use RSA key based auth so no passwords for ultraconvience at the price of a little bit of security.

Just thought I’d spread the word a bit.