Press Release: Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 daily ISO images

After several weeks of testing and ironing, we are happy to announce the public availability of daily (or nightly if you prefer) Sabayon Linux (Standard and CoreCD editions) ISO images. The aim is to improve packages and general system functionality testing during releases lifecycle by providing always up-to-date installable LiveDVDs/LiveCDs.

Our stable releases are just "snapshots" of these ISO images, so you will be able to know (and report) about possible hardware, software issue before a new version is published.

Features of Sabayon DAILY ISO images:

  • Up-to-date packages (ISO images are built every night)
  • Featuring the new Anaconda Installer port
  • Speed improvements over 5.2 ISO images
  • Fully compliant with our rolling-distro philosophy, keep looking ahead

Minimum Requirements

See respective Press Releases. Got a PC, keyboard and monitor? That's enough!

Warning, this is the bleeding edge of bleeding edge, do not use them on production systems.

ISO file names do not expose a timestamp directly, but RELEASE_DATE_DAILY does, as well as ISO boot menu and BUILD_INFO inside the ISO image filesystem.

Download sources

Our Mirrors Page:

  • NOTE 1: files are inside iso/daily directory
  • NOTE 2: these ISO images are moving targets, make sure to check them against respective .md5 files.


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