Not Really The Best Approach

Today I stumbled across Netrunner GNU/Linux Community Distro and it made me wonder about a few things.

Originally, it was Ubuntu with out the "evil Mono(tm)", now of course mainline Ubuntu has no mono either, so their USP was gone! So they changed their main idea.

The latest release is based on Kubuntu (which makes it a 4th generation distro) and aims to improve the KDE that is provided by Kubuntu by, this is what really got me, integrating more of Gnome into KDE.

Yes, really. Dolphin for instance is replaced by Nautilus, because Nautilus is more "Feature complete".  I'm not sure how they came to that conclusion at all and especially within KDE Dolphin really shines, its integration with tech like Nepomuk and friends is a big plus.

In fact, which missing features of Dolphin? You mean the integrated terminal? No forced breadcrumb navigation? On wait, they are things Dolphin can do and Nautilus can't. If anything, nautilus is getting worse, espesially with Gnome's ongoing war against features that could confuse anyone with less mental power than a domesticated turkey.

(Domesticated Turkey fact: Young Turkeys don't know how to eat. Turkey farmers make use of the chick's natural attraction to bright colours: marbles or strips of foil are placed into their food, or their food is sprayed with green food colouring. In pecking at the colours, the turkeys learn to eat. )

One idea on their suggestions forum was to ship Windows apps pre-installed, uTorrent in fact. Native applications aren't feature complete either?.

I suppose this is the strength of Linux - if you are looking for a Linux flavour for any particular purpose there will be one available -  even if what you want is a KDE/Gnome/Windows cross-breed Mongrel.