Life, New Sabayon Site Design & Sabayon 5.5 Teaser

So what have I been up to lately? Well, I have recently got a nice new job with a local ex-ISP turned "cloud services" provider so I'm looking forward to jumping into the new role which, I hope, will be far more interesting as it will unleash my passion for Linux in a commercial environment. I've been a bit less active on the Sabayon front because of the job hunting and such but should increase again soon.

One of the things I've been working on is the Sabayon website design, the plan is to provide the whole portal and services with a uniform clean look that is more accessible and easy to use. I've attached a screenshot of the homepage draft design, feedback as always is encouraged.

Sabayon Website Redesign Beta

I have moved bugs.sabayon.org to the Bugzilla.git repository but have not been able to work on the new styling for a while which is a shame however its high on my todo list.

I've also been improving some of my various other projects, for instance the IRC bot ParkerBeta on the #Sabayon IRC channels on Freenode, the facts database module recently got an update to enable to the deletion of particular numbered entries on entries with multiple output. The not so functional Entropy module is getting a major update to use another of my recently started projects a JSON API for entropy, its currently in the very early stages, but when finished should allow lots of cool stuff to built on top of it, think nice AJAX web interfaces etc.

So finally: Sabayon 5.5 may or may not be planned for around Christmas.